Sketchbook Curiosity

Celebrating the humble sketchbook

Keeping with the times

As our lives become more easier with the help of the Internet and technology, its no surprise that habits can develop in our design process that don’t particularly serve us. We could plan and action an entire project from start to finish completely online. The days of needing to have sketchbooks to write notes and ideas is long gone. There are note pads, graphics tablets and online planners all geared to keep our ideas digital.

Pen and paper

I feel that by neglecting the use of analog tools, were missing out on so much. The variety of paper stocks, the skill of sketching and drawing ideas and the satisfaction of physically crossing a line through a completed task. Even our early skill of handwriting can start to degrade from the constant use of keyboards.

I wanted to dedicate my Final Major Project in university to create a book celebrating the sketchbook and why we should keep them in our lives, next to our computers and phones and why its important to remember to use a pen instead of a mouse every now and again.